Packing For Different Weather Conditions or Events at Rogue River Rafting Trips

Rogue River rafting holidays sounds exciting, full of adventure in the wilderness. River is divided in different parts starting from inland and flows towards the Pacific Ocean – recreation (27 miles), wild (33.8 miles), recreation (8.9 miles), scenic (7.6 miles), and recreation (7.1 miles).

Wilderness section is a 34 mile stretch running from Grave Creek to the Watson Creek and Scenic section stretches from Blue Jay Creek to the Slide Creek for 8.9 miles. Rogue River offers thrilling whitewater stretches, overnight camping, incredible hiking, and stay at historical lodges.

Rafters can visit this amazing area in two ways. Using outfitter services working on the river for a fee or enjoy a DIY adventure applying for a permit.


Rogue River permits

For self-guided run down the river, you will need to apply for permit lottery online or at the Rand Visitors Center. Permit holders will need to contact the Rand office ten days, before their permitted launch date that they are set to run the river. Permits not confirmed by 10 day deadline are rescheduled on 9th day. These rescheduled open pools are given to those who come or phone first. Therefore, phone for these openings nine days before you plan to launch.

Float opening are rescheduled, when an approved party fails to pick their permit (no-show) on launch date or arrives with few members than confirmed. No-show permits holder need to launch trips on the same day. Visit to book your launch spot to enjoy Rogue River rafting.

Packing for Rogue River Rafting

You may experience all kinds of weather, so plan ahead and have proper gear, which ensures you have enjoyable and safe experience. You need to arrive for hot/sunny weather and cold/wet weather.

Three basic scenarios to prepare for are –

  • Cool day, while on river
  • Hot or warm day, while on river
  • Time spent in the camp lounging

Packing for the rafting trip

On the river

  • One pair of sandals, sneakers, or river shoes
  • One cotton T-shirt for hot day
  • One quick dry T-shirt
  • One shirt with long sleeves for cool evenings and sun protection
  • One wool or synthetic fleece mid weight sweater better for layering on cold days
  • Long synthetic light-weight underwear tops & bottoms appropriate to be worn under shots or over swimsuit
  • Two pair of swimsuits or shorts
  • Light-weight pants for protection from sun or too much wind
  • Visor or sun hat
  • Rain gear
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses with cord
  • One bath towel, washcloth and biodegradable soap
  • Bike or paddling gloves

At the camp/lodge

  • One pair of hiking or tennis shoes for the evening
  • One pair of sweats, khaki or jogging pants
  • Sun dress for ladies
  • One sweater or fleece
  • One button-up shirt
  • Small flashlight
  • Insect repellant
  • Socks & undergarments
  • Personal toiletries

Optional for any trips

  • Water-proof digital camera with extra memory card and batteries
  • Cards, books, games, magazines, musical instruments, etc
  • Plastic zip-lock bags to put wet or dirty clothes separately

Enjoy fun rapids, while rafting down Rogue River!