List of Some Hiking Trails That You Do Not Like To Miss When in Montana

310Some travelers enjoy relaxing under the sunlight on sandy seashore, while some enjoy indulging themselves in water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, etc, every time they plan a trip. There is another group of travelers, who love to spend most of their vacation time in hiking in or around that particular vacation destination.

Before planning a hiking trip, the first and important thing to know is exploring the place. This will give you enough time to prepare beforehand. Most of the famous destinations such as Montana include landscape, glaciers, grasslands, etc, and knowing about the right trails to try hiking will be of great help for any hiker.

If you are planning to go backpacking in Montana, then there are some trails that you definitely do not like to miss. Some are listed below.

  • Ice caves

Montana is famous for the snow clad mountains that surround the landscape. Such mountains have some hiking trails that pass along the cave filled areas. The surroundings of Ice Caves are filled with beautiful geology, and if you are lucky enough, then you might discover the fossil of some sea creatures that were frozen within the cave walls.

During summers, most of the ice covering such ice caves will melt and during winters they freeze back to their former self.

  • Mount Aeneas Loop

If you are looking for the most accessible summits, then no other option is the best choice like Mount Aeneas Loop. While hiking along the mountainous region, you will come across Bob Marshall Wilderness, Flathead Lake, Glacier National Park, many sparkling lakes, Jewel Basin, etc. The hiking trail is around 7500 feet above the sea level, and hence you can feast your eyes with ravishing beauty of nature throughout your hike.

  • Blodgett Canyon Overlook

Blodgett Canyon is a wonder in Montana. This canyon stands 2,000 feet above the creek. The vertical walls of this canyon are best known as the hiking trail that is filled with many things to explore, for the hikers. The canyon has two hiking trails, lower trail and the overlook trail.

The lower hiking trail passes along the floor of the canyon, whereas the overlooking trail offers enough landscape for the hikers to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the region to the fullest.  The trails also have some resting benches along the way, so as to help the hikers take a break from their hiking and even to click some memorable pictures along the way.

  • Cedars of Ross Creek

The hiking trail that passes along the Ross Creek cedars is best known hiking place for people belonging to all ages. Since 1960, the Montana forest department has taken special interest in this cedar wood region, and it has been in their care since then. The region consists of some cedar trees that were planted during the time when Columbus first discovered new world.

If you go on listing the hiking trails in Montana, then the list will never complete within one or two pages. To know more about the available hiking trails for the visitors in Montana, you can visit the Big Wild adventures backpacking webpage.