Information about Top Attractions in the New York City

New York is the greatest city in the world. It is dynamic and active at every turn. You will hardly get time to enjoy them all. People visit this place for different reasons like to enjoy Broadway Shows, go shopping, or see the historical sites and neighbourhoods. Attractions in New York City are endless and tourists can visit this destination anytime of the year or day.

Top Attractions in New York City

The Statue of Liberty

It is a great American icon located on the Liberty Island. This famous symbol of freedom is a gift to America from France. It is 152 feet tall and weighs 450,000 pounds. The statue provides a good view of New York harbour as well as lower Manhattan but a short boat ride is needed to reach the statue.

Empire State Building

The 102 storey building is 381m tall and is considered as one of the New York City top attractions. Empire State Building top is designed with mooring masts for airships. On the 86th floor there is an observatory, which can be reached using speedy automatic elevators. The observatory is enclosed with glass on all four sides. This area is cooled in summer and heated in winter. Another observatory is on the 102nd floor. On clear days tourist can see neighbouring states like New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Central Park

This huge park situated in the centre of the city makes New York City more beautiful. Within the parks borders tourist can enjoy the Strawberry fields, central park zoo and lake that is used for padding in summer and skating in winter. Tourist can enjoy a walk or rent a bike to enjoy the sites quickly without getting tired.

Broadway & Shubert Alley

Broadway show is also one of the top attractions in New York City. People come here to see the long running classic movies and latest shows. Broadway encompasses lots of theatre venues in districts and streets. Shubert Alley is famous for housing 2 well known playhouses, Shubert and Booth. Popular show tickets in Broadway theatres need to be booked in advance. Take help from online tourist guide to enjoy every stage of sightseeing in New York.

Metropolitan Museum of art

It is popularly known as ‘MET’ and was established in 1870. There are 2 million art works displayed including American decorative arts, costumes, arms & armours, musical instruments, Egyptian art, photographs and more.

Rockefeller Centre

This is a huge entertainment and shopping centre situated in the core of Manhattan. It is a home to Radio, NBC-TV and other media. Inside the building there are restaurants, shops and observation deck. Outdoor skating ring is the top New York City attractions in winter. From the observation deck, you can view the city skyline. You can get more information from online tourist guide.

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