Get to Know the Stunning Breaks to Experience in Nosara

2018-03-06-nosara-family-surf0085Nosara is the largest Blue Zone beach town in Costa Rica. It is situated on Nicoya Peninsula and is the oldest fishing community. It features stunning beaches and sceneries. For surfer’s it is a paradise. They can enjoy miles of pristine sand beaches, consistent weather, and friendly locals.

You can plan a surfing vacation to Nosara not just to enjoy the huge waves but explore the acres of protected wildlife and forests. In Nosara there are several main breaks to experience.

  1. Playa Guiones – A grand white sand beach, which stretches across 7 km, which houses the most popular restaurants and hotels. Playa Guiones attracts tourists a lot. Shores are clean, waves strong but smooth, and weather is superb making it the most amazing surf destination. Therefore, majority of surf enthusiasts go directly to Playa Guiones, when they visit Nosara town. The place is popular to have most steady and unswerving waves.


  1. Playa Pelada – Situated on North side, Playa Pelada has rocky reef break. There are many caves, rocky coves, and tide pools around this beach. During Northern swells, surfers can enjoy the incoming high tides. People with serious surfing plans can move to Playa Nosara because the waves are inconsistent in Playa Pelada.


  1. Playa Nosara – You can experience fantastic beach break at Playa Nosara. It displays exclusive barreling high peak waves and shallow rock reef, which breaks on the left. It is least crowded but is perfect for experienced and intermediate surfers.


  1. Playa Ostional – On the North of Playa Nosara is Playa Ostional. It is popular nestling beach for the sea turtles. All kinds of surfers can enjoy excellent surfing opportunities Playa Ostional offers. It presents beach break waves that is powerful, hollow, and fast. During nesting phase, surfing is banned on the beach but months between December – March are ideal for surfing in Playa Ostional. Remember to watch for undertows and rip currents.
  2. Playa Garza – It is a secluded beach, which features internal and external reef breaks that crash along both directions. However, the waves are unreliable and inconsistent but during high tides, surfers get to enjoy big and chest high waves. When there is a swell from south and southwest direction the waves are 2 feet overhead. At low to medium tide, the southern shore end offers best riding waves. It is a less crowded destination because the waves are irregular but if you are fortunate then you can catch some good waves. It can be worthy to stop by!

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