Acoustic Attenuators – Why And Where Do You Need These?

Acoustic attenuators are machines that are necessarily used to reduce noise generated by equipment for air or gas flow. However, attenuators do not compromise on the gas or air flow itself. The attenuators keep the pressure of air or gas flow in control and as low as possible. These are commonly used for different industrial, domestic, and commercial purposes. If you plan to place an order for sound attenuators you must make sure that you are choosing the right supplier. You can find a complete range of acoustic attenuators from such a service provider. Whatever may be your need for noise reduction, you must make it a point to research well before choosing such a service provider. You can choose between custom-built and ready-made sound attenuators.


The commonest use of sound attenuators is in HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) devices. Such machines are also attached to the discharge at radiators, fan inlets, and cooling towers. Actually the devices can be used almost anywhere where there needs to be a control on the noise coming from a gas or air flow. The attenuators reduce noise to industry-acceptable standards.

Acoustic Attenuators - Why And Where Do You Need These?


The sound attenuators available in the market differ depending on the design or the make.

  • There are several different types of attenuators available in the market.
  • The type that you’d choose should depend on the specific type of application that the attenuators are made for.
  • For instance, attenuators used in fans are different from that of the ones that are used at industrial levels.
  • If the inlets or outlets where these fans need to be attached are circular, then the fans should be chosen accordingly.
  • Similarly if the area where these need to be attached is rectangular, then the design of the attenuators should change accordingly.

There are sound attenuators that go inside suction pipeline. Silencers or attenuators that are attached there are circular in shape. Sometimes the custom-made attenuators may contain flanges to match with the diameter of the pipelines. Similarly, for large HVAC systems that require large, rectangular attenuators, appropriate silencers can work in this respect. That is the reason that before placing orders for attenuators you need to decide on the functionality of the silencers and where they will be used.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that there are even elbow or bend attenuators. These are used where regular shapes won’t work.

Another prominent type of attenuators is the cross-talk attenuators. These are also called air-relief silencers. These are specially made for transferring occupational noise. Often the sound of human talks needs to be controlled. It can cause a lot of disturbances if sounds of one room travel to another via ventilation ducts and air conditioning systems. The cross-talk attenuators reduce noise and maintain privacy of the occupational and corporate spaces. However, air flow from the air conditioning unit is not compromised in any way. These types of acoustic attenuators are mainly used in offices, libraries, hospitals, and meeting halls.


There are certain important things to consider when it comes to choosing acoustic attenuators. Given below is a list of a few of those:

  • Consider the type of equipment where silencers need to be attached
  • Consider the shape and diameter of the pipeline if the attenuators need to be attached to it
  • Consider the affordable and agreeable pressure drop for the equipment where the silencer needs to be attached
  • Consider whether the appliance where an attenuator needs to be installed will be kept indoors or outdoors
  • You need to consider pressure aggressive elements in the appliance and whether there is an increased humidity

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