5 Reasons You Must Visit a Renaissance Fair

renfestbannerSo you think it’s silly to dress in medieval clothing and attend a festival with other Lords and Ladies? You’re not the only one. However, if you open your mind a bit and truly think about the fun you could have at a renaissance festival, you might be pleasantly surprised! Whether you’ve never thought about attending a renaissance fair, or whether you’ve always been hesitant to get dolled up and go, this post is for you. Once you’re through reading this, you’ll be ready to grab a friend, some renaissance fair costumes and hit the village.

The Fun

If you enjoy socializing, dressing up in costume and acting like a kid for a day, a renaissance festival is for you. In addition to the many quirky renaissance festival costumes you’re likely to encounter, you’ll be privy to bow and arrow shooting contests, jousting, fun accents and historical reenactments. In short, it’ll be just like the days you used to play castle in your parent’s back yard, except this time, the knights in shining armor are real.

The Entertainment

If you enjoy a good historical flick, you’ll enjoy the renaissance fair. From hatchet throwing to jousting, you’ll feel like you stepped onto the set of A Knight’s Tale, except it’ll be even better. You’ll get to live the excitement, breath in the scent of horses and nature, and be one with the jesters, fire-eaters and lancers. You’ll even have your own soundtrack to dance to, as renaissance fairs come fully equipped with a live band that plays music form the time period.

The Food

If you love fair food, a renaissance fair is for you. From giant turkey legs to baby back ribs, the food you’ll see at the festival is as outlandish and appealing as all the renaissance fair costumes you’ll see. The traditional honey spiced mutton is delectable, and you haven’t lived until you tried it. The home brewed beer is better than what you can find in stores, and wines made from fermented honey are more apt to set the mood than those picked up in your local grocery store. Go to the fair on an empty stomach and you won’t be sorry, as you’ll want to eat everything and anything that passes under your nose!

If you think renaissance fairs are just for diehard historians, think again. With good entertainment and even better food, you won’t be sorry you went. Now, pick up your renaissance fair costumes from Historical Clothing Realm today and get ready for the time of your life!