3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Idaho, or Purchase A Home There

When planning an all-American vacation, Idaho may not be the first state on your list to visit.  The same can be said for plans to purchase real estate.

With people flocking to California and Texas as per the New York Times round up of 2015 hot spots, don’t underestimate the gem of the northwest.

There is more to Idaho than the famous potatoes that grow there.  Idaho is the 13th largest state in the U.S., and produces over 72 types of stones and gems, both precious and semi-precious.  As a Rocky Mountain state, Idaho boasts breathtaking views of the mountains, snow-capped peaks, lakes and rapids, canyons, and more.

The largest city is Idaho’s capital Boise, which is a hub for travel and tourism.  While Idaho is a both big-city and small-town friendly, Boise is a great place to begin your vacation that can end up as your permanent home!

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Idaho, or Purchase A Home There


Idaho’s vast landscape is beautiful, regardless of what city you visit.  The four seasons also allow you to have four different views at any given time.  You can look forward to snow in the winter, vibrant colors in the fall, and lush greenery in the spring and summer.

In Boise, you have access to explore nature’s beauty.  The Ridge to Rivers Trail Systemoffers over 130 miles of trails winding through the Boise Foothills.  Enjoy the sights of big game animals, various types of birds, native and rare flora and fauna, and stream corridors in this natural haven. There are also great spots to partake in white water rafting near Boise.


There is a rich arts culture in Idaho.  In Boise, there are numerous theatre productions put on annually, and a number of art galleries to visit.  The Boise Art Museum is over 75 years old and has many exhibits featuring art of different mediums and styles.

Sports enthusiast can get their athletic fix in Idaho as well.  Despite the absence of professional sports team, there are many minor league games and events to attend.  For recreational sports, look into great skiing and snowboarding offered at various locations throughout the state.

The food culture in Idaho is growing with many restaurants offering local and sustainable food items.  Check out the BBC’s discussion on great eats in Idaho for an idea of how to please your palate!


If you’re thinking of turning a vacation into a real estate purchase and desire to live just outside of the big city but close enough, check out homes for sale in Saguaro Canyon.

Some factors that contribute to the benefit of moving to Idaho include the cost of living, affordable housing, and education.  The cost of living in Idaho is the second-lowest of the western states, and median home values in Boise start in the mid-200’s.  Idaho boasts a low crime rate, and a great education system with a college or university in each major city.

Idaho’s landscape, arts and culture scene, and economic cost of living and real estate are just a few of many factors that can contribute to a positive and fulfilling move to this great western state.